Sunday, August 06, 2006

Children of the Revolution Records

Hail To England. The Mother Land. A place known for shitty weather, fucked up teeth, and fallen colonial empires. And although in punk England is best known for great UK82 and anarcho-punk, they also released a couple of hardcore and thrash records that are worth well more than just one listen. Children of the Revolution Records, also known simply as C.O.R. Records, was started by Tim Bennett in 1984 in Bristol. Riot City Records from Bristol was just ending, and C.O.R. Records picked right up where they left off, releasing the best hardcore bands that England and elsewhere had to offer. The label would go on to release some of the best thrash bands coming out around the world at that time and forge it's legacy as one of the best hardcore labels ever.

C.O.R. Records had a total of 27 releases in their existence, with an emphasis on UK and British bands such as Lunatic Fringe, Chaos UK, The Stupids, Onslaught, Sacrilege, Concrete Sox, A.O.A., and more but also focusing on the international side of hardcore too. They did releases for CCM, I Refuse It, Negazione, and Declino from Italy, Vicious Circle from Australia, Heibal from Belgium, and The Accüsed from the US among others. Prior to this time, labels had focused almost exclusively on releasing bands from their own local area or only broadening their spectrum to release national acts. Along with Pusmort, C.O.R. was one of the first vinyl labels to focus on the international side of hardcore punk with their releases as well as the domestic side.

C.O.R. began winding down in 1986 with another great label from Bristol, Manic Ears Records, reportedly buying the rights to the C.O.R. name and taking control of the label. The rights to the releases would eventually fall into the hands of Sanctuary Records which is owned by members of Iron Maiden. Because of this, few of the titles have been reissued and the label and many releases have languished in semi-obscurity.

C.O.R. Records discography:

7" and 12" EP Releases

COR 1 (1985) - LUNATIC FRINGE - "Cringe with the Fringe" 7"
COR 2 (1985) - XPOZEZ - "Forcefed the Truth Drug" 7"
COR 3 (1985) - THE STUPIDS - "Violent Nun" 7"
COR 4 (1985) - AOA - "Who Are They Trying to Con?" 12"
COR 5 (1985) - POLITICAL ASYLUM - "Winter" 7"
COR 6 (1985) - POTENTIAL THREAT - "Brainwashed" 7"
COR 7 (1985) - FAMOUS IMPOSTERS - "Would Anything Change?" 12"

LP Releases

GURT 1 (1984) - CHAOS UK - "Short Sharp Shock" LP
GURT 2 (1985) - ONSLAUGHT - "Power From Hell" LP
GURT 3 (1985) - CCM/I REFUSE IT split LP
GURT 4 (1985) - SACRILEGE - "Behind the Realms of Madness" LP
GURT 5 (1985) - VICIOUS CIRCLE - "The Price of Progress" LP
GURT 6 (1985) - DEPRAVED - "Come On Down..." LP
GURT 8 (1985) - ANGOR WAT - "General Strike" 12"
GURT 9 (1985) - THE STUPIDS - "Peruvian Vacation" LP
GURT 10 (1986) - CONCRETE SOX - "Your Turn Next" LP
GURT 11 (1986) - THE APOSTLES - "The Lives & Times of the Apostles" LP
GURT 12 (1986) - AOA/OI POLLOI - "Unlimited Genocide" split LP
GURT 13 (1986) - KINA - "Cercando" LP
GURT 14 (1986) - DEPRAVED - "Stupidity Maketh The Man" LP
GURT 15 (1986) - THE STUPIDS - "Retard Picnic" LP
GURT 16 (1986) - HEIBAL - "Yeah, Everything's Great!" LP
GURT 17 (1986) - THE ACCÜSED - "The Return of Martha Splatterhead" LP
GURT 18 (1986) - SCUM - "Born Too Soon" LP
GURT 19 (1986) - EYES ON YOU - "Received With Thanks" EP
GURT 20 (?) - V/A - "DIGGING IN THE WATER" compilation LP


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