Friday, March 25, 2011

"Bought it new" (PDX 7"s)

Normally i'm not one to take photos of my collection, but i've been listening to a lot of Portland, Oregon punk lately. Even though i've lived on the East Coast my entire life, i've always been inspired by all the PDX bands that were influenced by some of my favorite British bands like Flux of Pink Indians, Instigators, Crass, Discharge, and Conflict. One of the first Portland 7"s i ordered was the Deprived/Resist "Fuck All Governments" split from Profane Existence. I liked both sides, but i was floored by the Deprived side. Politically outraged and uncompromising lyrically with a great militant photo of punks holding guns and banners in the insert, the Deprived also had the tunes to back it up. Absolutely nailing a cover version of the Instigators "The Blood Is On Your Hands" didn't hurt either. I kept ordering more records of bands from Portland after that, and the majority of them were releasing quality records as well such as Defiance, Starved And Delirious, and Masskontroll. I missed a few releases along the way, so there's some gaps in my collection (couple Defiance 7"s, the Amnesty 7", Final Massakre/Decontrol split 7", etc.), but picking them up second hand (like my Defiance tour 7" and Obliterated 7"s - thanks Jimmy) always feels less special and has less of a personal connection for me than the ones i had mail ordered originally.

So here's some Portland hardcore punk 7"s. The bands in these photos all started the lineage of what i guess would be considered the current scene, and some of the original players in the earliest bands are still active today in groups like Defiance, The Riffs, and Dog Soldier. The top photo contains 7"s by bands that started in the 1990s (though Deprived started in '89), even if the release shown in the photo came out in the 2000s. The second photo contains releases by bands that started in the 2000s and released records from 2000-2010. It's also funny to note that every band with the possible exception of Final Massakre in the 1990s photo contained members that played in Defiance at one point or another. Those are some incestuous band line ups, ha. Maybe Final Massakre did too, i'm not sure.

Click to enlarge photos.

First row: Deprived "Reject The Illusion.. Class War Now!!", Deprived/Resist "Fuck All Governments" split, Unamused "Red, White, & Brainwashed", Resist/Disrupt split, Defiance ""European Tour 1995"
Second Row: Defiance "No Time", Defiance "Against The Law" singles collection LP version, Defiance "Against The Law" regular version, Defiance "Johnny Was A Soldier", Masskontroll/Heartline split
Third row: Masskontroll "Warpath", Starved And Delirious "Unproud", Starved And Delirious/Svart Snö split, Procrastinators self titled, Detestation/Positive Negative split
Fourth row: The Obliterated "Insanity", The Obliterated/Haywire split, Deathcharge "A Look At Their Sorrow", Deathcharge "Plastic Smiles", Deathcharge "Hangman"
Fifth row: Religious War "Asylum", Atrocious Madness "Visions Of Hell", Atrocious Madness "The Uses Of The HAARP", Atrocious Madness self titled 6" flexi, Atrocious Madness "Spectres Of Holocaust"
Sixth row: Atrocious Madness/Why? split, Final Massakre "The Bells Of Hell Toll The Final Chime"

First row: War Machine self titled, Blood Spit Nights "Full Metal Jacket", Blood Spit Nights "Only For The Hardcore", Blood Spit Nights "Ghoulish Reminders", Bomb Heaven self titled
Second row: Funeral "Cry Of State Desperation", Warcry "Harvest Of Death", Assassinate self titled, Hellshock "Arrows To The Poor" b/w "Last Sunset", Hellshock "Warlord"
Third row: Hellshock "World Darkness" tour version, Hellshock "World Darkness" regular version, Hellshock/Consume split, Lebenden Toten "Nuclear Flowers", Lebenden Toten "Dead Noise"
Fourth row: Lebenden Toten "Poison Wave", Lebenden Toten "Contamination!!" tour release, "Death Culture Deprivation" 8" (not pictured -- oops), Dog Soldier "Flies", Dog Soldier "Ghosts", Rotten Cadaver self titled
Fifth row: Dead Section self titled, The Estranged "Fast Train" b/w "The Masses", The Estranged "Sacred Decay", The Estranged "Entranced", The Estranged/Autistic Youth split
Sixth row: Nerveskade "Acid Attack", Nerveskade "Insanity" b/w "Forced To Live", Bog People/Vivid Sekt split, V/A "Tampere vs. Portland" compilation, V/A "Warning Vinyl Fanzine" compilation

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Anonymous said...

I was in Final Massakre and can verify that there was a member of Defiance in the band, as well as members of Deprived, Resist, Masskontroll, Starved And Delirious, Detestation, Atrocious Madness, WarMachine, Hellshock, Funeral...