Monday, February 18, 2013

Ax/ction Records catalogs and flyer ads 1997-1999

Posted by request. Ax/ction Records was started in the early '80s and run by Johnny X from the band Psycho. There was a sister label, Fudgeworthy Records/Infection Distribution, run by fellow Psycho Charlie Infection (who also played in Cancerous Growth). For readers of Maximum, Ax/ction ran a monthly advertisement in the mag seemingly forever with a list of what was in stock.

These are catalogs and flyer ads I received and saved when buying records through mail order in the late 1990s. I remember being 16, finding a package in the mailbox after school, running up to my room and closing the door to check them out. The stench of weed was so saturated in the records and ads that it permeated my entire bedroom. When my mom came home from work, she flipped out thinking that I'd been smoking weed in my room. Teenage punk...

By the time I started ordering, Ax/ction had switched over to mostly distributing grind, porno grind, death metal, Satanic stuff, and the more depraved end of hardcore and grind spectrum. I was after the hardcore stuff, but a lot of it was still available. The Scam "Everything Ends In Rot" 7" was still available for $4.00. The "Revenge Of The Kamikaze Stegosaurus From Outerspace!compilation LP was still available for distro rates (what a lineup—Wretched and Ripcord on a comp with G.G. Allin). And the distro list still had good finds of out of print records for cheap money. Nothing will ever replace the excitement of scouring distro lists.

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