Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Global Threat interview from 1998

In 1998, i was 16 years old and into bands like Aus-Rotten, Code 13, The Unseen, Toxic Narcotic, and a lot of stuff like that plus older UK82 and US HC bands. It was the times. I was young and enthusiastic and had a zine that was sort of about punk and sort of about BMX/skateboarding by the name of Who Cares? fanzine. By any measure, it was your typical teenage punk zine both in content and in execution. So it wasn't very good. But, back then, it was all about the youthful enthusiasm instead of the quality of content.

Anyway, this interview was conducted with Brett Threat of A Global Threat a short time after their first 7" came out. It was originally printed in issue #6 of my zine, which came out in either the spring or summer of 1998. This is when A Global Threat were still living in Maine and one of the "Maine Punx - Fuck You" bands. As evidenced by the questions, they also had a track on a Beer City Records CD compilation. The interview is not very thorough, but Brett Threat was kind enough to answer my superficial and trite questions seriously. He was kicked out of A Global Threat a short time after they relocated to Boston. I think I was at the last AGT show that he played in the band. I don't remember exactly where it was, but i think it might have been at the Elvis Room in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I also think the Casualties were supposed to play that show, but of course they didn't show up (or were advertised on the flyer but never even contacted -- who knows). It was an odd time in punk. Sometimes i think back to those times and wonder where so many of the people that I knew back then are now. But like the name of the zine, really, Who Cares?

It should be noted that the first page of the interview here was printed out from the original Boston Punk website, haha. Also, I blanked out the second column on the last page because it was just poorly written reviews.

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