Thursday, October 05, 2017

Upcoming Negative Insight projects

Negative Insight will be involved with two upcoming projects that are being worked on now.

The first is the official release of the Apostles/Anathema split 12" EP.  After being delayed for 31 years, this split finally sees a full pressing. Initially planned to be issued by Mortarhate Records offshoot Fight Back Records in 1986, it made it all the way to the test pressing stage before being mysteriously aborted. Inflammable Material from London has restored the tracks and pressed it as a full 12" EP that also features the original artwork designed to accompany the record all the way back in 1986. Musically, the EP contains two excellent bands from the U.K. anarchist punk scene. While the Apostles were a well known London political band with numerous releases out, this was intended to be Anathema's vinyl debut. It's been a long time coming.

The Negative Insight component of the release is a full sized A4 zine with the content written by Negative Insight and the layouts created by Mike from Defiant Pose zine/Inflammable Material Records. It features two articles covering the post-Crass years London anarchist punk scene. The first piece, entitled Mortarhate Records: The Unreleased Titles, interviews every band that was supposed to have a release on the Conflict labels Mortarhate and Fight Back Records including The Varukers, Avskum, Eat Shit, and many more. The second piece covers the propaganda of the (infamous and notorious, depending on one's point of view) Class War Federation and discusses some of their most impactful propaganda campaigns. This record should be available toward the end of 2017.

The second project is a new U.K. based Network of Friends omnibus zine coordinated by Steve of the great Ripping Thrash. It will feature contributions from Ripping Thrash, Why, Initonit, Gadgie, Tasmanian Alcoholic, Our Future, Agitate, Sticky Sounds, Upheaval, Suspect Device, Negative Insight and possibly more. 

The Negative Insight contribution will focus on "Scum" era Napalm Death and feature interviews with B side bassist and lyricist Jim Whiteley as well as photographer Nick Royles. The NI section will be laid out in the style of our favorite mid-'80s styled U.K. A5 (half sized) zines such as Final Curtain, Raising Hell, and Problem Child. 

We are excited to be part of this project and humbled that Steve has allowed us to be included with so many great zines. This should be out in early 2018.

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