Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Rema-Rema "Entry/Exit" 12" EP advertisement

It's so inspiring to see people still carrying on the tradition of cut 'n paste the way it was originally done. This is an A4 (full page or letter size for the Americans) advertisement for the Rema-Rema "Entry/Exit" 12" EP released by Inflammable Material out of London.

This ad was done in January of 2018 by long time U.K. head Chris Low of Political Asylum, The Apostles, Oi Polloi, and most recently of Quango. He was kind enough to design and create this ad at our request and took this awesome photo of his process. This was done the same as an old mechanical paste-up, which was the process used to design layouts and advertisements in the pre-digital era, compared to the computer aided techniques that are used today. But sometimes the old ways are just better and create a unique feel that no computer can, and I think the result here speaks for itself. Note the Letraset transfer sheets, Xacto knife, rulers for aligning everything, and green drafting board. The one 'modern' thing Chris has done here is switch out the Bestine solvent rubber cement for a gluestick, which I'm sure his brain cells greatly appreciate.

I couldn't resist the chance to 'paste-up' this photo here on the blog. For those in punk who appreciate the detail and intricacies of bygone graphic design, this is for you. This is truly a lost art and a dying craft, and it's awesome to see people still dedicated to the craft and doing it well.

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